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When I first thought about opening Taproot, I felt completely overwhelmed by how much research was ahead of me.

This list of resources would have saved me hours of my time. I hope it helps you as you grow your own floral design business!   


Note: this list contains several affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission on purchases. I only use affiliate links for products I love.  xo R

Floral Design Education

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Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers
Erin Benzakein & Lynn Byczynski

Vintage Flowers
Vic Brotherson

Ingrid Carozzi & Eva Nyqvist

The Flower Chef
Carly Cylinder

The Flower Workshop
Ariella Chezar

The Flower Recipe Book
Alethea Harampolis & Jill Rizzo

The Plant Recipe Book
Alethea Harampolis & Jill Rizzo

The Wreath Recipe Book
Alethea Harampolis & Jill Rizzo

In Full Flower
Gemma & Andrew Ingalls

The Art of Flower Arranging
Paula Pryke

Foraged Flora
Louesa Roebuck & Sarah Lonsdale

Bringing Nature Home
Ngoc Minh Ngo & Nicolette Owen


Floral Diplomacy
Laura Dowling

Flowers A to Z
Cecelia Heffernan

The 50 Mile Bouquet
Debra Prinzing

Slow Flowers
Debra Prinzing

The Surprising Life of Constance Spry
Sue Shepard

Flower Confidential
Amy Stewart


Wrist Corsages
Flower Moxie

Mechanics for Table Runner 
Team Flower

Summer Bouquet
Team Flower


Floral Design Tools & Supplies

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small flowers.jpg

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Jenny Blake

Big Magic
Elizabeth Gilbert

Purple Cow
Seth Godin

Seth Godin

What To Do When It's Your Turn
Seth Godin

The $100 Startup
Chris Guillebeau

Blue Ocean Shift
W. Chan Kim

Blue Ocean Strategy
W. Chan Kim

Profit First
Mike Michalowicz

Do The Work
Steven Pressfield

The War of Art
Steven Pressfield

Strengths Finder 2.0
Tom Rath

Start With Why
Simon Sinek

Vanessa Van Edwards


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