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Congratulations! You're engaged! Hooray! 

We can't thank you enough for taking the time to consider our wedding services. To inquire about your wedding date, please fill out the form below. 

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photo credit | weddings by two

photo credit | weddings by two



- Our Weddings -

We're not your typical wedding florist—and our clients aren't the average engaged couple. 

Whether they're community-minded or concerned for the environment (or both!), our clients are people who want their weddings to reflect the lives they lead and the values they hold dear. 

Flowers are always beautiful, and there is no shortage of talented wedding florists in New York City. What makes a Taproot wedding special is this: in choosing to work with us, our clients are directly supporting their neighbors; their wedding flowers made all the more beautiful by their contribution to their community.

There's a whole lot of passion and dedication—a whole lot of love—put into our wedding flowers. Thank you for considering Taproot. We'd be honored to work with you.




- Services -


- Small & Sweet Weddings -

Our Small & Sweet service offers couples planning smaller events (or those planning larger events with limited floral budgets) a curated selection of our favorite personal flower (bouquets, etc.), ceremony, and reception decor designs. 

Small & Sweet weddings start at $1500.


- Signature Weddings -

Our Signature weddings are custom designed from start to finish. Whether we go with simple bud vases, large and lush centerpieces, or something in between, we'll work together to dream up the perfect look for your big day. 

Signature weddings start at $3000. 

Not sure what your floral budget is, or worried that your budget might fall right between our service tiers? Not a problem! Send us an email; we'd be happy to chat. 

To give you a sense of our pricing, a condensed version of our 2017 price sheet is below. Ceremony and reception are left as wide ranges, as most of our work is custom and can be tailored to fit your preferred budget. 


- Working With Us -

Planning a wedding (while exciting!) can be a long, expensive process, and the search for the right wedding vendors can be tedious. Below are several documents intended to help simplify your process. 

Our Wedding Flowers Workbook will help you prepare for your wedding florist search, no matter what florist you ultimately choose to work with. Thinking about these questions before meeting florists will help you focus your vision, prioritize your needs, and expedite your search.

As we hope you'll choose to work with us (it would be an honor!), our Working With Taproot and FAQ pages should answer many of your questions about what to expect as a Taproot client, from start to finish.



- Vendors We Love -

Coming soon!


Want to make sure your leftover wedding flowers go to a great home? We're proud to partner with BloomAgainBklyn, an amazing nonprofit that repurposes used or unsold flowers and distributes them to local nursing homes. To learn more, visit bloomagainbklyn.org.

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