Make it official

Next Steps



Hooray! You did it! Congratulations!

Next, you’ll want to:

1. Purchase your domain name and set up your social media accounts. Set up a business email account.

2. Keep your ICA in mind as you move forward. From here on out, everything you do should be designed to attract the right customers and repel the wrong ones.

3. Create a simple, basic website. Develop your portfolio and your brand as you go. None of these need to be robust or perfect; just get started!

4. Start spreading the word! List your business with Google, Yelp, WeddingWire, & The Knot. Post to your social media accounts. Tell friends and family that you’re looking for clients. Reach out to local wedding venues and your fellow wedding professionals.

5. Develop your sales process, set up your client management system, and don’t forget to keep customer service in mind! How will you work with new clients? How will you structure your clients’ experience? (Think: intake, consultations, proposals, contracts, onboarding, site visits and reviews, wedding days, offboarding, etc.)

6. Focus on your goals for your business. What would you like to happen in your first year of business?

Is the goal to do a particular number of weddings? Is the goal to bring in a certain amount of revenue? Is the goal just to open a business, period? Stay focused on that, and ignore what everyone else is doing. You’ve got this!


For more information on websites, sales, & marketing for new wedding florists, check out our Book Your First Wedding Season workshop.

For business books, videos, and additional resources, check out our resources page.

Please note: the material above is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional, legal, or financial advice. If you’re not sure what the best choices for your business are, consult an attorney, accountant, or bookkeeper.