who are your clients?

Your Target Audience



Now that you’ve thought through what it is that you want, it’s time to switch gears and think about your clients.

Not every potential customer is the right fit for your business. So: who are your clients?

First, let’s research your target audience.

You can search for demographic information online, send out surveys, or talk directly to people in your community.

To learn more about how to do market research, read these articles.

(Scroll down to the "data & trends" section to find links to statistics/demographic information that might be helpful.)

Here are a few questions you'll want to answer:

Is there a demand for your services where you live?

At what age do people in your area typically get married?

What are the current trends in your local wedding industry?

What else do you want to know about your target audience? What other questions can you think of that might be worth asking?