Tricks of the trade


Dreaming of a life filled with dahlias?

If you’ve ever wanted a job where you can stop and smell the roses, this collection of short guides & worksheets is for you.



Flowers 101

Cut Flower Care Basics

Cut Flower Care FAQ

Includes answers to Q’s about:

  • peonies, roses, poppies, & hydrangeas

  • anemones, hellebores, tulips, daffodils & lilies

  • flower food & hydration

  • Quick Dip & Crowning Glory

  • floral refrigerators, floral knives, & more


How to learn Floral Design

How to Teach Yourself

Where to Take a Class

Learn on the Job

Tips for Practicing Your New Skills

Floral Design FAQ

Includes answers to Q’s about:

  • floral foam, chicken wire, & flower frogs

  • designing with fruit and succulents

  • water picks & other great tools

  • wrapping bouquets for delivery

  • plus, videos that demo basic technique


Wedding Flowers

A Tiny Guide to Working on Your First Wedding

Wedding Flowers FAQ

Includes answers to Q’s about:

  • when to purchase flowers for a wedding

  • arbors, arches, chuppahs, & mandaps

  • bouquets, bouts, & more


Tools, Supplies, & Additional resources

Educational Resources

Floral Design Tools & Supplies