Taproot is a Brooklyn-based floral design studio + school. Everything we do, we do with community in mind. 

We teach floral design technique and help florists develop their own style in a warm, supportive environment, and provide locally grown and eco-friendly wedding flowers for couples who are planning meaningful, personal events.

With every bloom we purchase, wedding we design, and class we teach, we aim to support local flower farmers here in New York and the surrounding region.

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taproot | noun | tap·root

1: a primary root of a plant, from which smaller roots grow

2: the central element in a line of growth or development

- How We Source Our Flowers -

Since our launch in 2014, we've purchased flowers from 25 local flower farms. We work with a small group of flower farmers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania to source almost all of our flowers. We prioritize buying from women-owned and small to medium sized farms, and are resolute about using locally grown flowers as often as possible in order to support these farmers and strengthen demand for their work.


- Why It Matters -

We believe in carefully considering the environmental, economic, and social impact of our work.

Industrial flower farms are often hard on both the land and the laborers who work it, and the overwhelming preference for imported blooms among those who sell cut flowers represents a significant economic loss for the American agricultural community.

Choosing to source locally means that growers can bring us their flowers without the aid of toxic preservatives, excess packaging, or jet fuel, and provide us with unusual, delicate flowers that wouldn't survive long-distance shipping. Grown with respect for the soil and brought to us not long after being harvested from the field, these flowers are as exquisitely beautiful as flowers get.

Like all florists, we want to create beautiful floral design work—but we also want that work to stand for something. We're proud to say we offer an environmentally friendly and socially conscious alternative to traditional floral design. 


- We're Green, Year Round -

In the event that we can't find the materials we need locally, we remain committed to purchasing flowers that we know are grown with great care. We first look to farms further south on the East Coast, then west to California, and from there prioritize purchasing from farms that are certified through the Florverde Sustainable Flowers, Veriflora Sustainably Grown, or Rainforest Alliance certification programs. These three programs have stringent requirements that align with Taproot's values, and farms that qualify for certification must demonstrate their commitment to environmental, labor, and quality standards. 



Our favorite flower farmers include:

Kristin Burrello | Muddy Feet Flower Farm

Angela DeFelice | Rock Steady Farm & Flowers

Greg Lebak | Lebak Farms

Evelyn Lee | Butternut Gardens


If you're a florist in the New York area and you'd like to learn more about sourcing local flowers, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're happy to share what we know!



- Who We Are -

photo credit | emily wren

photo credit | emily wren


Margaret Cuff | Florist

Makes a mean boutonnière; knows where to find the best coffee.


Elaine Burns | Florist

Makes one hell of a wrist corsage; in charge of snacks.

Rachel Gordon | Owner | Florist

Raised by a family of flower and plant lovers, gardeners, and farmers, Rachel thinks that farmers are awesome and that local flowers are prettier than imported ones.

A former stage manager, Rachel can't seem to escape careers that involve sticky tape. (Scotch, masking, packing, grip, spike, floral, stem, waterproof—there is always a roll of tape to fight with wherever she goes.) She knows the lyrics of far too many show tunes, loves all things yellow, and believes that coloring inside the lines is optional. 

Oh, and—she really loves her job. (Despite the tape.)

photo credit | alpha smoot

photo credit | alpha smoot



Team Taproot is profoundly grateful for the help of the following individuals:

Shruti Goins

Ellen Frost

Linsey Laidlaw

Alpha Smoot


Taproot was founded in loving memory of those we've lost.

"The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks." - Tennessee Williams, "Camino Real"

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