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1: a primary root of a plant, from which smaller roots grow

2: the central element in a line of growth or development



Everything we do, we do with community in mind. 

With each wedding we design and class we teach, we aim to:

  • buy from local businesses
  • mentor new and aspiring florists
  • support flower farmers here in New York and the surrounding region
photo credit | natalia c bell

photo credit | natalia c bell


photo credit | alpha smoot

photo credit | alpha smoot

Choosing to source from local farms means that:

  • Our flowers are as fresh as flowers get.
  • Toxic preservatives, excess packaging, or jet fuel aren't needed for delivery.
  • We get to work with unusual, delicate flowers that wouldn't survive long-distance shipping.



Our favorite flower farmers include:

Kristin Burrello | Muddy Feet Flower Farm

Angela DeFelice | Rock Steady Farm & Flowers

Greg Lebak | Lebak Farms

Evelyn Lee | Butternut Gardens

photo credit | alpha smoot

photo credit | alpha smoot


photo credit | alpha smoot

photo credit | alpha smoot

We work with flowers that we know were grown with great care.

When we can't find local flowers, we prioritize purchasing American grown flowers and imported flowers from farms that are certified through the Florverde Sustainable Flowers, Veriflora Sustainably Grown, or Rainforest Alliance certification programs.



- Who We Are -


Rachel Gordon | Owner | Florist

Hi! I'm Rachel. I know the lyrics of far too many show tunes, love all things yellow, and believe that coloring inside the lines is optional. 

My earliest memories are of greenhouses, gardens, and farms; of sitting in the grass and picking flowers. But I never thought I'd become a florist. I'm so glad that I was wrong.

I'm always amazed by how flowers can bring people together. Whether you're looking to become a florist or planning a wedding, you're in the right place. Welcome to our community—one that connects neighbors, farmers, clients, students, and florists. I can't wait to meet you.

...but please bring Sudafed next time you visit, ok? I'm allergic to flowers. (Whoops.)

photo credit | emily wren

photo credit | emily wren

photo credit | alpha smoot

photo credit | alpha smoot


Elaine Burns | Florist

Margaret Cuff | Florist

Alexis Winter | Florist

We're hiring interns for our fall 2017 season! Email hello@taprootflowers.com for details.



Team Taproot is profoundly grateful for the help of the following individuals:

Shruti Goins

Ellen Frost

Linsey Laidlaw

Alpha Smoot


"The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks." - Tennessee Williams, "Camino Real"

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