Tools + Supplies

May Arts Ribbon  |  Mokuba  |  Silk & Willow

M & J Trimming (best ribbon store in NY!)

Midori Ribbon (excellent for ordering online)

We Gather (Brooklyn-made)

Mood Fabrics (for draping + chuppah covers)



Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers | Erin Benzakein & Lynn Byczynski

Vintage Flowers | Vic Brotherson

Handpicked | Ingrid Carozzi & Eva Nyqvist

The Flower Chef | Carly Cylinder

The Flower Workshop | Ariella Chezar

Floral Diplomacy | Laura Dowling

The Flower Recipe Book | Alethea Harampolis & Jill Rizzo

The Plant Recipe Book | Alethea Harampolis & Jill Rizzo

The Wreath Recipe Book | Alethea Harampolis & Jill Rizzo

Flowers A to Z | Cecelia Heffernan

In Full Flower: Inspired Designs By Floral’s New Creatives | Gemma & Andrew Ingalls

The 50 Mile Bouquet | Debra Prinzing

Slow Flowers | Debra Prinzing

The Art of Flower Arranging | Paula Pryke

Foraged Flora | Louesa Roebuck & Sarah Lonsdale

Bringing Nature Home | Ngoc Minh Ngo & Nicolette Owen

The Surprising Life of Constance Spry | Sue Shepard

Flower Confidential  |  Amy Stewart

Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden  |  Erin Benzakein

The Flower Farmer | Lynn Byczynski

The Flower Farmer’s Year | Georgie Newbery

The Cutting Garden  |  Sarah Raven


If I Made **

Passionflower **

Real Flower Business **

Team Flower (Centerpieces)

Schools + Workshops


Tallulah Rose Flower School


Local Color Flowers

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

New York Botanical Garden **

Little Flower School **

Longwood Gardens **


** I’ve heard good things about these, but have not attended them myself. Should you have questions or concerns about programs you’re considering, please feel free to email me at hello@taprootflowers.com. I’d be happy to chat about my experiences!


Inspiration + Market Research

Martha Stewart Weddings  |  New York Magazine Weddings Guide  |  Brides

Southern Weddings  |  Destination Weddings  |  Catalyst Wedding Magazine

Note: Many states and/or large cities have their own wedding magazines!


coming soon!

coming soon!

Pivot | Jenny Blake

DotCom Secrets | Russell Brunson

Expert Secrets | Russell Brunson

Big Magic | Elizabeth Gilbert

Purple Cow | Seth Godin

Tribes | Seth Godin

What To Do When It's Your Turn | Seth Godin

The $100 Startup | Chris Guillebeau

Blue Ocean Shift | W. Chan Kim

Blue Ocean Strategy | W. Chan Kim

The Fire Starter Sessions | Danielle LaPorte

Profit First | Mike Michalowicz

Do The Work | Steven Pressfield

The War of Art | Steven Pressfield

Strengths Finder 2.0 | Tom Rath

Start With Why | Simon Sinek

Captivate | Vanessa Van Edwards

more coming soon!

coming soon!

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Client Communication


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